SewMuchLace is an expansion of C. I. Castro & Co. which was founded in New York City in 1922, designing and manufacturing specialty dresses. Now in its third generation of family ownership, the company made the move to San Antonio, Texas in 1944 to tap into a rich pool of manufacturing resources – namely, people who could sew well. During its history, the family also owned factories in the Philippines, England, Portugal, and Canada. Today the grandson of the founder, Charles Castro III, Chief Executive Officer, leads the company.

SewMuchLace is stocked with thousands of yards of vintage, rare, and exquiste laces of the highest quality. Our inventory represents years in the business of designing special occasion dresses and collecting the trims that made our creations stand apart from others.

Now, we want to share our trims bounty with you. Enjoy the search to discover the lace you have been looking for and now have found.